In a rather excellent blog post CHOW put into words something I have thought for a long time. The use of words gets corrupted by marketeers without any thought for the original meaning. For pretty much most of this, I agree with what they say. There are a few realities that need checking here though:


Local should mean just that. Not from the same country not from within 200 miles but SOURCED on your doorstep. Sourcing does not mean buying, its about where the food comes from. We can track most of our ingredients to within a dozen miles or just over from us. Some come from the coast, but we BUY those locally from our fish guy.

Hand whatever

Here the focus is on various claims about hand made, hand produced etc. I can get into the frustration of home-cooked or hand prepared to indicate that the food was not made on on site, just cooked and unpacked. Hand made should be made by hand.


This is one term that gets abused not in use but from interpretation. Organic does not indicate a better product or better sourcing, but tends to show this. We buy in fish from trawlers and game from shooters, so organic cannot evn enter the vocabulary we would use on our labelling. When we hand cure, hand smoke and hand package our smoked pigeon we cannot say it’s organic. The wood pigeon in question has probably been on several farmers land before shot, so know one would know if organic crops were being munched on.

When large brands use words without discrimination, do the words lose their meaning or are the producers who try and do the right thing get their point across? How can the “cream” be described as natural when it has multiple ingredients and only two of them are dairy.

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