Coffee compost - Apology

      In a previous post I mentioned that coffee grounds were great compost for acid loving plants such as heathers. It turns out I was wrong. Contrary to popular belief the grounds are not acidic as the coffee making process takes most of this away. The result however is that you have a [...]

Kitchen composting - technical solutions

  Most composting systems are fairly passive. Neither yourself nor the system does any work, except for maybe a small army of worms. Some modern composters help Mother Nature along a bit. For the home user: This first unit is literally a kitchen composter. You hide it in a kitchn cupboard and connect it to [...]

Kitchen composting - Bokashi

    These splendid devices are bokashi bins, a form of kitchen waste processor. The picture above was taken during the first snowfall of 2012. Bokashi bins can be used as the catch all of kitchen composting. Whilst we cannot put meat, fish, dairy or citrus fruits into a wormery, they will work well in [...]

Kitchen composting - Wormeries

  Worms are one of the most efficient ways of converting kitchen waste into something you can use in the garden. Worm compost is a very rich source of nutriment for young plants and in it’s liquid form for top dressing the garden in general. The wormery above was bought from our good friend Heather [...]

Kitchen composting - intro

    Every year the UK wastes over 7 million tons of food. What can we do about it? The maxim is “Reduce – Recyle – Reuse”. We can reduce the amount of food we buy by keeping an eye on sell by dates, planning meals and freezing. Some items can be reused as leftovers [...]

Grey Squirrels - Solution 2

    Once you have caught your grey squirrel what to do next? At present there are some pockets of red squirrels left in Scotland, Anglesey and the Lake District. Apart from these, there are few left in the wild. A once controversial solution offered by some of the preservation bodies and a few MPs [...]

Grey Squirrels - Solution 1

    We have looked at the pest problem of the grey squirrel. The real difficulty starts when you decide you want to do something about it. First they are fast, second they are cunning and third there are plenty of them. If you keep within the various laws, you have a few options available [...]

Grey squirrels - The problem

      I remember as a child learning my road safety from a cute squirrel called Tufty. As part of the education on how to cross the road I got a certificate. This still gets a mention on my CV. In the Lake District, where I grew up, the squirrels had overtaken one of [...]

The fox and the hunt

    Now I’m not a great one for politics, but this is a pretty hot subject at the moment. The government are looking at repealing the various “hunting with dogs” bans. A few years ago I had a discussion with some posh bloke who had missed his hunt ball. Now having come from the [...]

The perfect burger?

    I had always believed upto a few years ago that a homemade burger needed to be bound with something like eggs. That’s what the recipes said, even going as far as suggesting lean meat and porridge oats. This was a great improvement on the “things” I used to get served as a child. [...]

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