1 Sausage does not equal 2 bacon

    In the flurry of reports of the findings of a meta-study in the British Journal of Cancer a few of the journalists got it right. However, what sticks out is one from a better British paper who did not do their homework. No-one is going to get names here, but they did an [...]

Bacon - it can't be true?

    It was announced last week that a daily bacon roll could lead to a 19% increase in pancreatic cancer. The findings came from a meta study of 11 other studies of 6000 pancreatic cancer patients. They found a link of an increase in 29% or more in men who consumed larger quantities of [...]

Meet Redneck Ross

    It’s Movember time again. I am taking the brave move of growing a moustache to raise money for charity. Each of the charities supported are working towards researching and curing male cancers. If you want to help out, please donate on this link to Movember . Also by Tweeting, Google +1 or Facebook [...]


In a rather excellent blog post CHOW put into words something I have thought for a long time. The use of words gets corrupted by marketeers without any thought for the original meaning. For pretty much most of this, I agree with what they say. There are a few realities that need checking here though: [...]

Homemade bread

      I am a big fan of homemade bread. What is there not to like, the smell, the taste, the crunch, everything. Homemade bread does not have to take much time, just the right technique and some patience. The Bertinet method was what got me hooked. Recipes are very simple and only use [...]


It’s official the Cornish pasty has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the EU. The status was applied for in later 2008 and was successful on 23rd July 2011. This means that no other product can use the term Cornish pasty unless it is made in Cornwall and using the method specified. Gone [...]


In June 2011, the Newmarket sausage started on it’s journey to recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). This means that the sausage that bears the name can only come from an area specified in the application. Now as we all know, the European law makers are an exacting bunch. Newmarket sausage comes in two varieties [...]


Louise, Jo and the rest of a very friendly group of affable foodies came to visit 99 Station Street for lunch and then back to the house for some hands on stuff. We start with a quick test on the difference in flavours of shop bought salted peanuts. One of the packets was smoked at [...]


This should be an entertaining session on techniques used for our charcuterie and food preservation. There will be hands on demos of: Smoking Curing Brining Sausage making As well, weather permitting, a local forage. Then back to create a couple of dishes with what we have found.


In May 2011, the good people of Stornoway applied to have a local dish registered for European protection of title. Their own blackpudding is 1 of 156 meat products on the EU list of denominations. At this time they could be waiting years before they reach their goal of obtaining Protected Geographical Indication status. If [...]

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