Charcuterie is one of the real artisan skills of the traditional kitchen. In French brigades they would employ a cook called the garde manger who’s sole purpose was to prevent waste. He would create pates, terrines and all manner of sausages and preserved foods from what was left in the kitchen. Nowadays, we buy those ingredients rather wait for them on the end of the kitchen line.

We use the best quality local meats and natural casing for our salami and chorizo. This ensures that the flavours are as they should be and the maturing process is done in the time honoured method. When we make pancetta and dry cured bacon, the cures are homemade and applied by hand. Temperature, humidity and smoke are all carefully controlled to produce something very worthwhile at the end of this painstaking process. At present our maturing chamber is a converted wine fridge which is regulated for humidity and temperature. This ensures the optimal conditions for maturing the charcuterie range.

The following are currently undergoing aging and we hope to start delivering at the beginning of May 2011

Fennel salami

We also have developed an air dried chorizo which has been very popular as an ingredient in our chicken and chorizo pies. It has a very long storage life and requires a couple of days of soaking to reconstitute.

Fresh to order we have dry cured, smoked bacon, which is available smoked or unsmoked.

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