The Smokery


We use both hot and cold smoking in our range. The smoke comes from wood and there is no use of smoke flavouring. Smoking provides a means of preserving food and we work with a two step process. The first part is to cure the food, which provides an extra degree of preservation, additional flavour and a key for the smoke to grip. The second part is of course the smoking using carefully selected woods to match the overall taste that we want to achieve. For our salmon we will use oak, cherry for game and maple for bacon and pancetta.

Smoked food has been on the menu since we first opened 99 Station Street and is always popular during the game season. We are lucky to have some great friends in the local community who provide game to us. The only person who did not see this as luck was Rob our sous chef. He got the job of plucking and preparing the wild pigeons which we sometimes get from a local brewer.

Our current range of smoked food can be bought from the Smoked section of our online shop or from selected stockists.

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