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Serves 2

100g of Staffordshire Fine Foods Dry Chorizo
1.5 pints of chicken stock (chicken stock out of the freezer )
1 large onion finely sliced
1 bulb of wet garlic finely chopped ( ro two cloves of regular garlic)
1 large potato roughly chopped
2 large bunches of spring greens leaves removed from stems and roughly chopped
2 handfuls of broad beans removed from the pods but not shelled
1/2 a fresh lemon
Freshly ground black pepper

  1. Simmer the chorizo in a large chunk in the chicken stock with the onions , garlic & potatoes for an hour at least ( I used my slow cooker on low for a few hours)
  2. Remove the chorizo and cut into chunks , return to the pan and turn up the heat to a medium simmer add the spring greens and broad beans
  3. Simmer for ten minutes serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and ground black pepper.


Recipe kindly written by : Girl Interrupted Eating


Louise, Jo and the rest of a very friendly group of affable foodies came to visit 99 Station Street for lunch and then back to the house for some hands on stuff. We start with a quick test on the difference in flavours of shop bought salted peanuts. One of the packets was smoked at home, just before the folks arrived and the other, not. Then we did a test on some thinly sliced salmon which had been cured and another not. Both of these where put into the smoker as we went for a wander around the village.

After pointing out a few local landmarks we returned with a bag filled with nettles leaves at their prime and some of the last of the wild garlic. Both of these were added to the simmering liquid I had used to reconstitute an air dried chorizo. A quick whizz and we had a soup with homemade and foraged ingredients, made in minutes.

Then the salmon was taken from the smoker and sampled for differences between cured and uncured. The verdict was unanamous, they had spotted the cured very easily and preferred that sample.

Lots of photos, sampling and discussion on books, including a very specific selection of over a dozen from our library of about 300. The knowledge of food around the table was very high, it was great to be asked focused questions by people who knew what they were talking about. Just the day before I had been featured in an article in a local paper which was a 5 minute Q&A about my life, which was fun, but certainly did not put me on the spot as much as these guys did.

Again, a big thank you folks, we look forward to seeing the photos and videos :)


This should be an entertaining session on techniques used for our charcuterie and food preservation. There will be hands on demos of:

Sausage making

As well, weather permitting, a local forage. Then back to create a couple of dishes with what we have found.

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