Sliced bread

Yes, sliced bread. So where do sayings like “the best thing since sliced bread come from”? This is something we want to look at in the new year. History and science are two fascinating areas which cross over to an extent in the food world. Do you have any food myths or old wives tales that need busting or proving? Any food sayings that don’t make sense? Let us know and we will try and do the research.

In South Africa a favourite way of serving curry is inside a loaf. The top crust is cut off and then handfuls of the centre are pulled out. Curry gets poured inside and gets mopped up with the spare bread. This is also a traditional way of serving Welsh cawl. Sliced bread is not the best thing if you think about it !!




Homemade bread


I am a big fan of homemade bread. What is there not to like, the smell, the taste, the crunch, everything. Homemade bread does not have to take much time, just the right technique and some patience. The Bertinet method was what got me hooked. Recipes are very simple and only use a few ingredients, no sugar or fat. Just flour, yeast water and salt. If you get to buy only one bread book, Dough by Richard Bertinet is it.

Speaking of bread, let’s talk about the other kind … cash. Every so often a bunch of arrogant, gobby, backstabbing city folk get together and try their hand at making some. Watching the first episode of one series of The Apprentice clearly showed how you can really mess up something simple. Two teams of clueless hustlers set off to make and market their own range of sausages. The girls team could have won by default as the lads made a complete hash of the process. Like bread making, sausages only need to have a few simple ingredients, skill and … patience !

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