It’s official, we are going to make it. The current record for the World’s most expensive sausage stands at 20 pound sterling. It’s quite a difficult task to put luxury ingredients into a sausage without overpowering the flavours or losing textures. We have found three ingredients we can use and a method for getting the best out of all of them, but that’s going to be our secret until launch day. The first batch of sausages will be produced by the third week of June 2011.

The real challenge is whether we keep the ingredients to all British or use the finest foods the world has to offer. We want to go for the all British option, but may have a couple of sourcing issues with just one of the ingredients, we shall have to wait and see.

A final challenge is to come up with a good name for the World’s most expensive sausage. Any ideas?


Officially this was an ordinary hot sausage sold by the United Nations Development Office in Sweden. The asking price? $130. The most expensive luxury sausage was £20, more of a fair game we we think. This was made in the UK and contained champagne and truffle amongst the ingredients. If you get the regular six sausages to a pound, that’s £120 per pack.

The key would be to make a sausage from luxury ingredients and to make them all sing together as a creation of worth. Expensive sandwiches have been made using sour dough bread, truffles, foie gras and kobe beef. Would flavours get lost or overwhelm even?

Another challenge is to get this done with local ingredients or even from what we would have commonly had to hand in times gone by. Imagine the Victorian Era, before two World Wars ravaged British food. At that time we had a great period of decadence and some very fine ingredients. With modern access to such fantastic ingredients, the options are fairly unlimited.

The Worlds most luxurious sausage or sausage range … watch this space :)

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