What is the difference between gravadlax and smoked salmon? The obvious one would be the lack of smoke on the gravadlax. Another difference is the subtlety of flavours. Gravadlax is cured fish. whereas smoked salmon is cured and smoked. With the more traditional recipes the cure would also include something like fennel herb, but there are some contemporary twists with vodka and beetroot etc.

At one end of the spectrum is the raw fish served up as fresh as possible as sashimi or sushi. One misconception is that sushi is raw fish but it’s actually rice and anything goes with it. Sashimi is the sliced fish on it’s own. Next could come cerviche which is a quick cured raw fish. Often the cure is something as simple as lemon or lime juice which almost cooks the fish. For these type of dishes you would be expecting to make them live on the day. For gravadlax and smoked fish you are preserving your ingredients for another time.

So while all the chat about gravadlax? Coming this spring we will be starting our own range, these things take time to develop and perfect. If you have any ideas for recipes or flavours, please leave a comment.



Staffordshire smoked salmon sushi roll

This is a fairly straightforward party food. The main skills needed are an understanding of how to make rolled sushi. Once you have mastered that, you have a lot of options open to you. For this recipe, which was demonstrated at Betty’s Farm Shop, we used a few local ingredients. In fact the only none local ingredients were the rice and the seaweed, plus maybe the ginger and balsamic vinegar in the vac-packed pickle.

This roll has been made using seaweed (nori), sushi rice, a long baton of cucumber, this slices of vac packed pickle, our own smoke salmon and some horseradish. As we were trying to keep this as local as possible, the horseradish was an alternative to wasabi, the Japanese equivalent. I was told that the seaweed used to make nori is harvested in South Wales, so there is the possibility of native production sometime in the future.

Vac pack pickle

The vac pack pickle was made at home about 10 minutes before getting into the car, so maybe only had about 40 minutes on the clock before it was used.

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